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Flight Simulator Project

An enthusiastic bunch of children from Ryburn Valley High School visited Sherburn Aero Club today. They got the amazing opportunity to go up in an aeroplane and experience a real flight. The trip allowed the children to increase their knowledge of planes, this was important as Ryburn Valley High School has entered a competition to build a flight simulator. We are one of ten schools in the country accepted to build a prototype, a final two schools will be chosen in March to complete their flight simulator. Today’s trip enabled the children to look at specific elements of the planes in order for them to develop their section of the flight simulator. This included looking at the seat, pedals and cockpit.

Year twelve students George Wormsley and Sol Steele designed the moveable platform allowing the simulator to move. They came up with this design through trial and error, they initially tried four to five designs which weren’t fully successful; however, they produced the final design which proved to be very successful. The design consists of a flat platform connected with a universal joint in the centre of the platform which allows the simulator to move in different directions. Scissor Jacks are attached to the side and the back of the platform, there is a motor attached to the Scissor Jacks which spins to make the Scissor Jacks move. Together they are working on the next stage of the project, making the pedals of the simulator.

Jake Teer from year nine described the day as ‘an amazing experience that has really helped to develop the process of building the flight simulator’. He is working as part of the team that are designing the cockpit; he was able to look in detail at many different cockpits within the planes and also within the flight simulator they have at Sherburn. Jake explained that the trip was extremely helpful, and that he enjoyed his experience in the plane.

The day was very successful, allowing the children to learn more about the construction of planes, now they can really start positioning the simulator together.

This article was written by Kaitlyn Roberts and Poppy Allingan who are marketing the project to raise its profile on social media.