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  • Business Manager

    Julie Kendall

    Financial Management Admin systems/procedures HR & Payroll/Facilities/H&S Governor Support

  • Assistant Headteacher

    Carol Evans

    Assessment & Reporting Intervention/ Tracking/Study Support KS3, 4 and 5 Progress

  • Deputy Headteacher

    Kath Parker

    Achievement and Outcomes Curriculum Design & Timetable

  • Headteacher

    David Lord (Creative Media)

    Leadership and Management

  • Deputy Headteacher

    Richard Clarke

    Behaviour and Personal Development (Attendance & Punctuality)

  • Assistant Headteacher

    Sally Ann Roberts

    Performance Development Self-Evaluation ITT – Student Teachers TSA Development

  • Assistant Headteacher

    Nicola Ramsden

    Head of 6th Form Achievement, Student Experience, Progression

  • Assistant Headteacher

    Katie Claydon-Park

    Teaching and Learning KS3 Creative Curriculum More Able & Talented/ e learning


  • Director of KS3 Achievement & Wellbeing

    Leanne Clarke

    KS2>3 Transition/ Values, Themes, Tutorials and Assemblies/ SMSC/ Student Voice/ Student Planners/Performance of LAC

  • Director of KS4 Achievement & Student Experience

    Neil Jones

    Alternative provision development & Quality Assurance/ KS34 Transition/ Options/ KS4 Study Support Programme/ /Oversight of Careers (CEAIG Mark)/ Transport

  • Director of KS5 Achievement(Yr12) & Student Experience

    Jane Bosbury

    KS4>5 Transition/ V inspired/ Progression Module/ Year 12 achievement, Success rates and retention/ Study Support Programme

  • Director of Personal Development & Creative Learning

    Tris Bozzo

    Celebrating Success / Student Leadership/Assembly Support Programme - Student Leaders, Guest Speakers, Music and Talent/ Quality Marks, Publicity (Prospectus)/ Curriculum Development.


    Martin Brant

    Coordinate student support/ Achievement of disadvantaged/ vulnerable groups/ Student Experience