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What our staff say

Amanda Milner

Amanda Milner - Learning Support Assistant

I find being a Learning Support Assistant an extremely varied role. With the support of my colleagues I find I am able to fully support students on curriculum related tasks and aid them in overcoming barriers to learning. In lessons I use a range of supporting techniques depending on the students’ needs ensuring they don’t become isolated or appear different from their peers.

Training and support is ongoing with a range of opportunities to specialise in a particular area. I have chosen Autism as the area I want to specalise in and have been fortunate to go on various courses with the full support of my line manager.

Helen Keating

Helen Keating - Teacher of Media & English

Teaching at Ryburn is a great experience! There is a great team spirit and I feel as though we are all striving toward one goal. The focus here is ‘people’, staff and students, and ensuring that everyone reaches their full potential.

During my five years working at the school I have taken part in lots of training as well as delivering training sessions myself; all of which have proven to be valuable and beneficial to my own development as a teacher. The highlights of my year are organising BBC School News Report with Year 8 students and completing a successful first year of the Accelerated Reading Programme with Year 7 students.

There is always something exciting going on!

Jacob Rose

Ryan Duffy - Teacher of P.E. and Geography

I left Ryburn after doing my GCSE’s in the 90’s and went on to do my A-levels and a degree in Leisure and Recreation. I took the opportunity to work at Ryburn as a cover supervisor before applying for the GTP in order for me to gain QTS (Qualified Teacher Status). Ryburn now employ me as a teacher of PE, Geography and PSHCE.
I also organise the school ski trip, run the house system and I am an assistant head of year. Many of the staff that taught me are still here, it is a  very supportive environment  and pupils are still taught the same values as I was. Ryburn has an atmosphere and team spirit that is hard to replicate. Staff put pupils first which is evident not only in exam results but in the well rounded individuals that leave here.

James Bentley

James Bentley - Head of Business & Enterprise and Head of Year 12

Working at Ryburn has been both great fun and professionally rewarding in my four years here. I have been given the opportunity to develop in order to progress in my career by attending some fantastic training courses on leadership, funded by the school. I can honestly say I never dread coming to work as both the staff and students make it a fantastic place to work.

Jodie Fairburn

Jodie Fairburn - Teacher of English

Having attended Ryburn as a student, I have experienced two very different aspects of life at the school. As my education at Ryburn was good and enjoyable, I could not think of a better school to begin my teaching career. Ryburn is a welcoming, supportive and encouraging school to work at. As an NQT, I have found that everyone makes an effort to make the settling in process easy and enjoyable. The induction process at Ryburn is very well organised and is suited to each NQT’s needs. The school offer many opportunities to develop as a professional and be involved in the wider aspects of the school. Since starting at Ryburn in September 2011 I have been involved in helping with the school production, taken part in the Christmas Carol Concert, and I am currently looking forward to going with my form on year 7 camp.

There are always opportunities to work cross-curricular and in small focused groups to discuss various areas of teaching and learning. For instance, I have attended regular meetings regarding gifted and talented pupils, which has helped me improve the quality of my differentiation for the most able pupils I work with. Finally, the key to making Ryburn a pleasant school to work in is the students. They have a lot of pride in where they go to school and realise the importance of trying their hardest to succeed.

Katrina Mason

Gemma Kegg - Teacher of MFL

From my first day at Ryburn I felt like I was welcomed into the family. I was given support in all areas by my department, pastoral team and members of the SLT and no problem is too small or too trivial. I have been given so many amazing opportunities here including planning two trips to Spain, the chance to lead three staff training sessions and involvement in various working groups. There are always plenty of activities going on throughout the year that allow you to get involved and be part of the Ryburn community.

Yousef Malik

Yousaf Malik - Teacher of Mathematics

I have been working at Ryburn for the last three years and started as an NQT. When I initially started, I was meant to only be here for one year! As an NQT I was supported within the classroom regarding both delivering the curriculum efficiently and with behaviour management. This helped overcome my nerves as a new teacher.

Ryburn has a good CPD programme and courses are readily available to improve your teaching and learning. I have enjoyed working here and it has really helped develop my skills as a teacher.